Trying to reason with Hurricane Season

Hurricane Harvey just strengthened to a category 4 and I am Worried. I, nor any of my friends or family are in the line of the storm but that eases my heart in no sort of way. I think of  those who can’t say the same. They advise to evacuate and of course that makes sense, but what if you couldn’t?

Trying to Conceive a Girl?

Mother of the bride


“It doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s healthy” this was always my response throughout my first pregnancy when questioned if I desired a boy or girl. I was answering truthfully, to a degree. I did really crave a daughter, lace, bows, and pink but after six Ectopic pregnancies and a round of IVF just to even be asked this question it frankly did not matter.

Trying IVF, Again? 

Almost four years ago when I was still in college and going through my first round of IVF I started a blog right here on WordPress. Last night I couldn’t sleep and thought to search for it, and find it I did.

I found the words and wishes of my 28-year-old self, I found comments from other women whom I never met that offered kindness and compassion as I undertook a difficult journey to become a mom after six failed pregnancies.