Trying to reason with Hurricane Season

Hurricane Harvey just strengthened to a category 4 and I am Worried. I, nor any of my friends or family are in the line of the storm but that eases my heart in no sort of way. I think of  those who can’t say the same. They advise to evacuate and of course that makes sense, but what if you couldn’t? It’s the 25th of the month, what if all your money was spent and you had little babies on your hip? I think of these families as I know there are plenty. What if there were no car to load up? No grandmas house to head to? What if there was no extra money to spend on supplies? Who helps the helpless?

There have been times in my life when I have truly felt helpless, having 6 failed pregnancies will do that to you. But I thank the Gods I have never had to endure the hurt of not being able to feed my son, keep him warm or protect him from the ill wills of others, or mother nature. Sometimes I force my mind to contemplate these sorts of issues to put my own life into perspective, so I can really try to be appreciative. We had soup and sandwiches for dinner tonight because I am lazy on Friday evenings not because the fridge is empty. My house may be a mess right now but my family is home safe and warm. Not in the eye of a storm. And I am Grateful. 

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