Trying to Beat the Monday Blues

If you are anything like me Monday’s are melancholy. No matter what I did over the weekend or how much I rested Monday morning is the absolute worst workday of the week, even for me someone who absolutely loves their job.

Last Monday was so awful I decided something had to change. Before I left the office on Friday I wrote a detailed agenda for today and that defiantly removed some of the stress when I arrived at the office this Morning. I made sure to not jam pack my schedule as Mondays are always so busy I decided to leave room in the schedule for those things that just popup.

This morning I got up twenty minutes earlier then I normally do and this helped the Monday Mad Dash to get out the door on time that I usually experience. It also gave me a few extra minutes to chat with my husband and do my makeup a little fancier, which I usually only do for our Tuesday staff meetings. I also slipped on some  cute shoes, which is my go to way to boost my mood. Once in the car instead of the Moana soundtrack I blasted my club playlist which helped boost the morale of Maverik and myself!

So, with just a few simple adjustments I felt a little better about this Monday morning but it’s still a Monday. If you have any other suggestions for combating the Monday Blues I am all ears.

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