Trying to Mentally Prepare for IVF #2

When we did our first round of IVF I was so unprepared for the effects it would have on my relationships, finances and just about every other aspect of my life. 

This time, IVF #2 I know a little bit more about protocols and what inject spots hurt me the least. What I have no experience with is IVF, having a toddler already and working 45 hours a week. Being depend on by others.

My first round I was able to say you know what its a “not cooking dinner kind of night” I was able to take physical as well as mental health days, I know that will not be possible this time and it worries me a bit.

Another thing that makes this cycle different is the gender testing, in two more days I will know how many of my embryos survived the thaw and a week after that I will know how many of the survivors are girls and how many are boys. Thee first round I only had to worry about the disappointment if it did not take, this round there is  that and the worrying about them surviving the thaw and refreeze and thawing again. What if out of the six we are left with nothing? What if none are female?

I know I need to do my best to prepare mentally for all of this, the physical and emotional roller coaster that is IVF, but honestly I do not know where to start.

Thoughts anyone?

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