About, I’m Really Trying!

I’m trying to document it all, keep it straight in my head, work out some issues and process some ideas. That’s the point of this Blog and if I’m lucky I will get some feedback and make some great friends along the way.

I’m trying to be a Good Wife,  My Husband and I had been dating for 15 years, when 9 months ago we finally tied the knot. It was a wonderful wedding and well worth the wait. Our relationship is not perfect but, WE are trying.

I’m trying to be a Good Mom,  My Son Maverik is three years old. I went through the most to become his mom. I had the great opportunity to stay home with him the entire first year of his like but now as a working mom I struggle to be the mom I dreamed I would be but, I am trying.

I’m trying conceive once more through IVF, infertility and its treatment are so damn rough! Though I am not looking forward to boarding the IVF roller coaster again, I want so badly to hold another newborn that looks like my husband that I am going to to give it a try.

I’m trying to succeed at work, for the past 16 months I have managed to hold down my dream job! I work as an Event Planner for an amazing company, who pays me well and treats me even better. This is my first “REAL” job out of college and there is definitely a learning curve that comes with being newly inducted into the Corporate World but, I am trying.

I’m trying to love me, I’m getting older my boobs don’t look like they did before Maverik, and they were amazing. I don’t have the extra hours for all the grooming I did before becoming a mother so my hair always needs a trim and I rarely wear nail polish. I still hold 15 pounds of baby weight. Can you still call it baby weight after three years? My house is usually a mess, and someday I “Just Can’t”. But I have decide to try my best to love me.

That means taking care of myself, my physical and mental health. Enjoying my life, making time for myself and the things that matter to me outside of work, wife and mom life. Doing this and trying to keep the guilt to a minimum. I am not perfect and I don’t have to portray to be. The Virgo in me made me live this way for 31 years and I’m over it.  I know that I need to accept myself and my life as is.

I’m trying ,OK? 

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